Welcome to
Axiom Talking Therapy

Let us help put the colour back into your life

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Welcome to
Axiom Talking Therapy

Let us help put the colour back into your life

07776 992994

Our Counsellers


Mandy McDonald

Intregrative humanist therapist

Integrative humanistic Counselling is the integration of different therapy approaches meaning it can be tailored to meet a variety of needs and concerns that aims to promote healing and facilitate the wholeness of a person's being and maximise their full potential; promoting mental, physical and emotional health without having any formed opinions, expectations or attitudes and help a person focus on the fears and hurts that limit their psychological freedom. Through self awareness it will create a healthy alliance between mind and body - empowering clients to start setting goals and practising new behaviours that will enable them to move beyond their limitations and discover greater life satisfaction; all tailored to the client's personal limits and external constraints.   


Axiom Talking Therapy, a counselling service in Bexhill-on-Sea

Let us help put the colour back into your life.

Axiom Talking Therapy offers counselling for a broad range of help for many of the emotional relationship and general life challenges that face people. Axiom Talking Therapy was created by Mandy McDonald and Russell Walters whom share a mutual passion for making a difference in peoples lives. 


Russell Walters

Person Centred Therapist

Person-centred therapy - is a humanistic approach that deals with the ways in which individuals perceive themselves consciously rather than how a counsellor can interpret their unconscious thoughts or ideas. 

Aiming to truly understand an individual from their point of view making them feel valued as a person, with an open and genuine approach; it will help a person to feel accepted and really understand their own feelings giving complete support - essentially helping them reconnect with their inner values and sense of self-worth. 

This reconnection will help a person find their own way of moving forward. 

About Us


Axiom Talking Therapy

We aim to:

• Offer a dedicated and person orientated ‘talking therapies’ including groups, family support and “art therapies” service in a welcoming, calm and safe environment

• Provide an approachable service that clients can trust and understand

• Offer appropriate help for a wide range of issues

• We will bring a range of different approaches and skills and working with the best interest of the individual

• Respond quickly and professionally to any prospective clients

• Provide a full consultation and assessment for all clients and their personal needs, allowing us to establish and plan the most beneficial therapy for the individual.

• Do our utmost to make a difference in peoples lives, allowing them to feel truly listened to and help improve their well-being for a happier future.

Axiom Talking Therapy offers a broad range of help for many of the emotional, relationship and general life challenges that people face. Our service has gained a positive reputation and we welcome new referrals, we act on these efficiently and with the utmost support and guidance; we aim to respond within 36 hours of receiving a referral. Whether you are a prospective client yourself or are thinking of referring someone please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any questions you have.


We Travel To You

We will visit you at your home or chosen place, alternatively you can make use of our welcoming therapy room.


Axiom Talking Therapy

Helping you put the colour back into your life

Axiom Therapy Services

Axiom Therapy can help with

Axiom therapy sessions cover a range of many different issues including:

• Anger

• Anxiety

• Bereavement & Loss

• Coaching

• Depression

• Dealing with change

• Domestic Abuse Issues

• Eating issues

• Family counselling and support

• Hoarding

• Internet Addiction

• Life changes

• Loss and bereavement

• Low mood and self-esteem

• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

• Personal development

• Physical, Psychological & Sexual Abuse

• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

• Relationship counselling (for couples of any orientation).

• Self Harm

• Self-esteem, Confidence and Well-being

• Sexuality 

• Sleep problems

• Spiritual issues

• Stress

• Suicide

• Trauma

• Work-related problems

• Well-being group sessions

Areas of counselling

Sometimes you may not know what your problems are specifically or you may be overwhelmed by multiple issues; we are here to help you find sense in how you are feeling.

Counselling requires commitment and honestly from both sides. We understand that it is important for you, as the client to feel comfortable and safe with your therapist and the environment we will be working in.


We offer an initial 30 minute consultation free of charge. It enables us to get to know each other,  to understand your concerns and explain more about the way we work. This also gives you time to assess whether you feel this approach maybe helpful to you.

£40.00 per session for one person

£75.00 per session for couples and families

Prices from £120 per group session

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if a counsellor is qualified?

A qualified counsellor will always be happy to provide you with evidence to prove their qualification upon request and should be practising under a professional body such as The BCPA (The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy). For safety reasons it is important to select a counsellor who is qualified and is bound by the ethical framework of a recognised professional body.

Why do counsellors have supervision?

Counsellors have supervision to ensure that they are practising in an ethically safe and sound way and are fit to practice. The supervisor will always be an independent individual and the aim will be for the supervisor to support the counsellor in their client work therefore offering protection to the counsellor’s clients. If your counsellor needs to raise any concerns about you with their supervisor they will do so in a way that protects your identity.

How many sessions would I have?

This will be discussed and agreed between you and your counsellor. We usually work in blocks of sessions.

Who decides when the sessions will end?

This will be discussed during your sessions and extended if both you and your counsellor feel it necessary.

Axiom Art Therapy

Axiom Art Therapy is about enabling you to explore communication in a way that suits you as an individual.

Art Therapy is not about going over the past; its about focussing on the here and now and putting steps in place for a brighter future.

Art Therapy is about enabling you to explore creative communication in a way that suits you as an individual.

In order to sign up for a course of Art Therapy sessions we ask that you are committed to wanting to make a change in your life.

Art Therapy sessions will usually take place over a set period of time, at a set venue and you may be expected to complete work between sessions. Art Therapy sessions will need to be paid for in advance.

Taking the first step

If you live in the Bexhill-on-Sea, Hastings, St Leonards, Eastbourne or surrounding areas and would like to find out a little bit more about Axiom Talking Therapy and about what we can offer you, or someone you care about, then please call us on 07776 992994

Alternatively you can simply fill in the contact form below giving as much information as you wish and we will aim to reply within 36 hours.

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